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Spiritual Wellness

The One Who Listens

This last weekend I took a trip out to visit some family a few hours north of where I live. It was a much-appreciated break from day-to-day life, getting to be an auntie for a few days, playing and laughing with little ones. As I got in my car to embark on my drive back home, I impulsively reached for my phone to turn on a podcast or some music, then hesitated. I knew there were things in my heart that needed to be sorted out. The easy thing would be to drown out my thoughts and feelings with some noise, but I knew that’s not what I needed.
Spiritual Wellness

The Waiting Room

Imagine you are sitting in a waiting room. You look, and you are surrounded by people. The room extends in every direction. As far as you can tell, it seems to go on forever.
Emotional Health

The Gift of Pain

What is pain? What is its purpose? Why do we experience it?

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