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A Guide To Attain Inner Peace

Attaining inner peace is a universal objective and is defined as the state of being mentally, emotionally, and spiritually calm despite any shortcomings, hardships, or stressors.
Emotional Health

The Gift of Pain

What is pain? What is its purpose? Why do we experience it?
Emotional Health

How Spirituality Can Improve Your Body Image

There are many ways to work on having a better body image, but have you ever thought about how spirituality could help? Read on for three spiritual practices for improving your body image. 
Spirituality Project

Peace Is Hard To Come By--Find Some in These Stories

At The Spirituality Project, we’re collecting stories about moments of Divine connection.
Spiritual Wellness

Connect To God Through Nature

There’s something different about nature, something spiritual that makes you more aware of the world around you and your connection to God.
Emotional Health

Toxic Positivity is Hurting Your Wellbeing

It is not all just “good vibes”.
Emotional Health

The Power of Positive Psychology

Spirituality and positivity go hand in hand.
Emotional Health

The Law of Attraction: How to Manifest Positive Energy

The Law of Attraction teaches that when we manifest positive energy, there will be magnetism in our lives, attracting even greater blessings and light.

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