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Spiritual Wellness

Finding True Peace and Happiness Through God

Have you ever felt lost? That feeling where you are simply floating about your day, detached from reality and all that surrounds you, in a cycle of depression, unable to break out of your mind, as if you are frozen in time. That feeling where your heart seems numb, when nothing ever satisfies you anymore, where you are searching for a will to carry on, for a higher purpose and cannot find it anywhere.
Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness Is The New Gratitude

A Google search of the word gratitude yields nearly two billion results. Yes, two billion. There are 48 million Instagram posts alone tagged with #thankful. More and more companies from just about every industry are using some form of the word grateful not just in their branding but also in their business names.
Emotional Health

What We Can Learn While Waiting

We all have moments we want to wish away.  Stuck in the middle is, well, sticky. But these are growth opportunities that (hopefully!) connect our souls upward and outward.
Emotional Health

The Art of Gratitude

Gratitude is a spiritual discipline that allows us to focus on what we have instead of what we think we need.

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